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2014.05.24 - Sputnik is now officially abandoned

Sputnik will no longer be supported. There won't be another version. If someone is interested in working on Sputnik, please fork the github repository and let me know, so that I could link to your repo from the website.

2012.06.04 - Another pre-release of Galaxy

After another long hiatus, another pre-release of Galaxy, with crypt(3) password encoding and integrated help. (And lots of bug fixes.)

2010.12.28 - A pre-release of Galaxy

After a long hiatus and then a brief development sprint, Galaxy is here, with email-based password recovery and a few other things. Some of Sputnik's modules spun off into separate projects.

2010.07.11 - A move to Github

Sputnik moves to Github.

2009.03.16 - Another Fenchurch release

A new version of Fenchurch is available, with some bug fixes.

2009.03.03 - A Fenchurch release

A new version of Fenchurch is available.

2009.02.16 - A pre-release of Fenchurch

A first version of Fenchurch is available. See Fenchurch.

2009.01.19 - A new domain

The project now has a new domain: http://spu.tnik.org/.

2009.01.13 - A talk at PUC

See slides.

2009.01.02 - Mailing list archive module live

The long-promised mailing list archive plugin is now sufficiently ready to go up on this side. See list for the list archives and this thread for the announcement.

2008.12.30 - Lots of changes in Fenchurch

After some lull, there were lots of changes to the code. See list/recent_changes. This starts a new iteration, code name Fenchurch.

2008.08.22 - Sputnik 8.08.13 released

Sputnik 8.08.13 was announced on the Lua list.

2008.07.14 - A talk at the Lua Workshop 2008

See slides.

2008.07.07 - Sputnik 8.07.07

An new "Earth" release is out with tons of new features. See Installation and Features.

2008.03.11 - SQL Storage, Gitorious, demos and list activity

There has been much activity on the list in the last few weeks. Jim started implementation of SQL Storage. We moved the repository to Gitorious Yuri added two more demos: Slideshow Demo and Graphviz Demo.

2008.02.21 - LuaUsers Demo

A demo of Sputnik running with http://lua-users.org/wiki/ content, using lua-users' markup syntax and visual style is available at LuaUsers.

2008.02.10 - Updated the demos and documentation

Updated the demos: World Clock, Demo Album and Tickets. They all work now. Also added some new documentation - see Features for the links.

2008.02.08 - This site is now running Sputnik 8.01.01

This should stop the spam. This also means that a script to port the data from the old file is ready. I will release it in a few days once I have a chance to test it a bit more.

The colors library now has it's own home.

2008.01.01 - Sputnik 8.01.01

A new Versium-based version is available, see Installation.

2007.10.31 - The first version of 0.3-beta

The first RC of Sputnik 0.3-beta is ready and is available in two versions: mini and full. I recommend that you start with mini, which has all the basic features, but not the more complicated examples and extensions.

2007.08.15 - Metapages implementation

A more complete implementation of Metapages committed in trunk and most of the pages were converted to take advantage of this. A side effect of this is that the list of fields for the page is now configurable on per-page basis. In other words, to add a field to a class of pages, you just need to add an entry to the fields field of their metapage. The templates do not yet use .fields but they will soon.

2007.07.29 - LuaPOD works in Trunk

The version in trunk now works with Perl-style POD format. Lots of small fixes for display history in trunk.

2007.07.18 - 0.3.0 Alpha released

The site has been getting quite a few visits in the last few days, and since trunk was in a much better shape than the previous release (0.2.1), I fixed a few more bugs and cut a preliminary release - 0.3.0-alpha. "Alpha" here means that we are still working on the full version of 0.3 and the APIs may be unstable. There are no serious bugs in the code that we know of, however.

This release includes an update to Internationalization and experimental support for Metapages.

2007.07.08 - Big fixes in trunk

Lot of changes in trunk. Most if not all page attributes are now applied immediately for the display of the page upon save. For pages that contain Lua code, including show_content="show_content_as_lua_code" in the actions field will ensure that the code is validated whenever the page is displayed (even in preview) and any error messages will be shown, with problem lines lighlighted. CSS for diff has been fixed. sputnik_actions and wikifilestorage now have LuaDoc comments. (The luadoc pages will be up shortly.)

2007.06.23 - Bug fixes in trunk, preview, internationalization

The version in trunk now has many bugs fixed and a few important features, including preview, Internationalization, and per-page RSS (yes, this means you can subscribe to the RSS feed of edits to this page at http://www.freewisdom.org/projects/sputnik/Timeline.rss). The Color Schemes support has also been documented.

2007.06.16 - Version 0.2.0, redesign of trunk

Version 0.2 has a release candidate, which is now sitting in its own branch (/branches/0.2.0). Meanwhile, the version in trunk has had its CSS refactored, allowing for easy modification of Color Schemes, plus a bunch of smaller visual changes.

2007.05.16 - Another round of re-factoring

I did another round of refactoring, changing the APIs a bit to get rid of more code. The refactored version is checked in as Revision 24. This change makes some of the documentation and examples slightly obsolete, but it will be fixed shortly.

2007.05.06 - The Sputnik Site is Up

The Sputnik Site is up at http://www.freewisdom.org/projects/sputnik/, self-hosted of course. I added a basic over (Sputnik), a description of the Conceptual Model and a few Demos. There is also a list of Tasks if you want to get involved.