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Many people helped.

People who contributed to the project in one way or another, in alphabetical order:

user André Carregal of the Kepler Project - all sorts of advice

user Bruno Guedes of Fabrica Digital - help with the stylesheet.

user Dado Sutter of PUC-Rio and Plurall - Portuguese translation of the interface

user ferrix - many bug fixes and new features.

user Hisham Muhammad of LuaRocks - packaging work for Kepler, FastLCS library

user Jérôme Vuarand - templates for the LuaUsers demo

user Jim Whitehead - SQL backend for Versium and too many other changes to list here.

user Maurício Bomfim of Fabrica Digital - early testing and debugging (the official First User).

user Pierre Pracht - ideas for Versium/Saci and help in moving to git.

user Sérgio Medeiros of LabLUA - LuaPOD and LuaSVN

Yuri Yuri Takhteyev - project leader, see Sputnik's background story.

Sputnik also uses a number of ready Lua modules and frameworks:

framework WSAPI by Fábio Mascarenhas and André Carregal

framework Xavante by Javier Guerra, André Carregal, and the Kepler Team framework LuaRocks by Hisham Muhammad

module Cosmo by Yuri Takhteyev and Fábio Mascarenhas

module lbase64 by Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo

module LuaDoc by Tomás Guisasola Gorham

module LuaLogging by Thiago Ponte, Danilo Tuler and André Carregal

module LuaPosix by Reuben Thomas module LuaSocket by Diego Nehab module Markdown by Niklas Frykholm

module LuaFileSystem and MD5 by the Kepler Project

And a few components not specifically related to Lua:

icons Crystal Clear Icons by Everaldo Coelho

font Lobster Font

js JQuery JavaScript library

js Modernizr JavaScript library

js SortTable by Stuart Langridge

js reCaptcha

Some packages and components that are not used at the moment but which were useful at some point:

module LCS module from stdlib by Reuben Thomas

icons Silk Icons by Mark James css YUI CSS Framework by Yahoo!