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Here are some features that Sputnik offers out of the box.

Please note that nearly all of the features are optional and some are turned off by default.


  • Zero-configuration installation on Unix.
  • No root access required for installation.
  • Additional modules can be installed using LuaRocks.
  • Comes with a built-in Xavante servers but can run on other servers. (See WSAPI).
  • Can be used with FastCGI.
  • Windows installation is possible via LuaForWindows.

User management

  • User account creation.
  • Email validation of new accounts.
  • New account creation can be turned off.
  • Password recovery via email.
  • User nodes.
  • Node "ownership".
  • Gravatar integration.


  • A permission system allows locking specific pages or classes of pages.
  • More generally, specific actions or classes of actions on individual pages or classes of pages can be allowed or denied to individual users or classes of users.
  • Nodes can be "owned" by users.


  • Several markup options, with an interface for adding other markup engines.
  • Markdown editing using MarkItUp.
  • Configuration pages are syntax-checked in the editor.
  • Preview mode.


  • Passwords salted and hashed using POSIX crypt(3) if available, with MD5 otherwise. See Authentication for more info.
  • Protection against XSS attacks — see XSS Filtering.

Spam Protection

  • Captcha support.
  • Hashed field names and honey-pots.
  • See Spam for more information.

Data Storage

History and RSS

Web Optimization

  • Configurable caching headers.
  • HTTP compression.


  • User interface available in English, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish. (See Internationalization.)
  • Easy to add your own language or change existing translations.
  • Content and page names in any script with UTF8 support: see Спутник or 史潑尼克.
  • User names can be in any left-to-right script.


  • Typed pages with custom behaviors via prototype inheritance (see Node Fields).