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Sputnik uses Markdown by default, but two alternative markup methods are available and it is easy to add more.

Available Markup Formats

  • Markdown (sputnik.markup.markdown) - the default
  • Medialike (sputnik.markup.medialike) - similar to the format that Wikipedia uses
  • POD (sputnik.markup.pod)- Perl's "Plain Old Documentation"

Selecting Markup

You can select which markup engine your wiki will use by editing your Configuration Node and setting the value of MARKUP_MODULE to the corresponding module, which must be installed. E.g.:

MARKUP_MODULE = "sputnik.markup.medialike"

Adding your own markup

To add your own markup you need to add a module that implements the following interface: The module should offer a function called new() that creates a closure with a function transform(). This function should take as an argument the marked up text and return HTML. new() will get a "sputnik" object as a parameter and can use it to format links or access configuations.

Here is how sputnik.markup.markdown is implemented. (Note that it uses markdown module to do the actual conversion, which is a third party module.)

module(..., package.seeall) -- make it a module
require("markdown")         -- require the module that would do the actual transformation
--require("cosmo")          -- we'll be using cosmo to format links, but it's already loaded
local split = require("sputnik.util").split -- we'll reuse Sputnik's "split" function
local WIKI_LINK = [[<a $link>$title</a>]]

-- now some code to handle wiki links - the original markdown.lua doesn't do this for us
function wikify_link(wikilink, sputnik)
   -- [[Page_Name.edit#A1|Edit the Page]]
   local title, page_name
   sputnik.logger:debug(wikilink) -- note that we can use the sputnik object here
   wikilink, title   = split(wikilink, "|")
   wikilink, anchor  = split(wikilink, "#")
   page_name, action = split(wikilink, "%.")

   return cosmo.f(WIKI_LINK){  
             title = string.gsub(title or page_name, "_", "\_"),
             link = sputnik:make_link(page_name, action, {}, anchor),


-- This is the function that creates the closure
function new(sputnik) 
   return {
      transform = function(text)
                     local function dolink(wikilink)
                        -- note that we pass "sputnik" to wikify_link
                        return wikify_link(wikilink, sputnik)  
                     return markdown(string.gsub(text, "%[%[([^%]]*)%]%]", dolink))