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"Fenchurch" was an cycle of Sputnik development in late 2008 and early 2009. All Fenchurch releases are now obsolete.

Fenchurch was developed in the late 2008 and early 2009. It offered a simpler administration interface, built-in search and better responsiveness.

All Fenchurch rocks are at http://spu.tnik.org/rocks/fenchurch. Fenchurch releases can be installed by using Kepler-All-in-One installer: kaio-1.1.1-2.tar.gz.


sputnik-9.03.16-kaio.tar.gz, sputnik-9.03.16-all-in-one.zip

  • better forums
  • fixed collections


  • non-existent pages offer links to create nodes of specific types
  • the tool bar is configurable (and can be with or without icons)
  • "configure" command is separated from the "edit" command
  • the default edit UI is simplified
  • much better infrastructure for adding javascript editors
  • a script to create CGI files and launch xavante, plus a general CLI framework
  • a @Discussion node type allows creation of forum nodes
  • Collections can be created from a blank page
  • login and logout use sputnik/login and sputnik/logout nodes
  • system node names are configurable
  • bug fixes


  • installation without compilation
  • better error handling
  • built-in search (simple and slow)
  • simpler admin interface
  • better reponsiveness
  • a listing of config nodes (see sputnik)
  • menu can now be on the side
  • support for jquery-driven accordion menus
  • permissions are now more extensible and support groups
  • debian-friendly icons
  • interwiki links
  • per-node markup configuration
  • lbase64 no longer needed
  • support for Collections