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Sputnik defaults to Markdown as it's markup format. This page gives you the basic idea of how Markdown works.

Markdown is a simple format for adding formatting to text. This page shows some of the basic Markdown markup. For a more complete introduction to Markdown, please see John Gruber's Markdown Syntax.

Please note that you can use Sputnik with other markup formats. See Markup for more information.


Wiki Links: [[Architecture]]

External Links: [a great site](http://www.greatsite.com)


Bold: **some text** (__some text__ also works)

Italic: _some text_ (*some text* also works)


H1: don't use this on this wiki

H2: ## Header or underline the header with ------, e.g.

Installing on Unix

H3-H6: ### Header, ### Header, etc.


Code Blocks: indent the code by four spaces, e.g.

    foo = function() return nil end

Code inside the paragraph: surround the code in back-ticks, e.g.: `foo()`

(If you want to display your whole page as if it was code, you can set it's "actions" field to {show="wiki.code"} instead of indenting the whole page.)