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useralexlane at 13:36 GMT: 000003
  • Changed NICE_URL to BASE_URL in the code segment and escaped the underscores in USE_NICE_URL in the previous line. Also deleted the [L] flag from the 'RewriteCond' line in the code segment at the end.
useralexlane at 13:18 GMT: 000002
  • The 'RewriteCond' line has '[L]' at the end, which threw an error on the server and displayed a 500 error in the browser. When I took it out (after all, 'L' means 'Stop the rewriting process in this rule and don't apply any more rules', which doesn't make sense in this context) the error went away and browser access returned to normal.


userAdmin at 00:00 GMT: 000001
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