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"Earth" was a cycle of Sputnik development in mid 2008. All Earth releases are now obsolete.

Earth was a development cycle in 2008, starting around February. The main original difference between "Earth" and the earlier "Dish of the Day" was the use of "new" Kepler 1.1 installer, based on LuaRocks. Additionally, however, Earth ended up including the split of "Versium" into Versium and Saci, as well as near-complete rewrite of both. Other improvements included the introduction of new storage backends (SQL and Git), XSS filtering, action hooks, better integration of JS and CSS, node id generation, storage of binary data in nodes, more flexible edit forms, with separate edit form for admins, MarkItUp integration, a new authentication system with an option of using a database for storage of authentication data, a revamped registration procedure, better salting of passwords,