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Git Storage (000001)

Sputnik can store its data in Git. In this case, Sputnik's history is Git's history.

The instructions assume a standard installation of Sputnik "Earth" (see Installation), though this plugin can also be used with Saci/Versium outside Sputnik.

Installation and Configuration

First, install versium-git rock:

./bin/luarocks install --only-from=http://sputnik.freewisdom.org/rocks/earth/ versium-git

Then set two config variables

VERSIUM_STORAGE_MODULE = "versium.git", 
VERSIUM_PARAMS = {'/home/yuri/sputnik/wiki-data-git/'},

The wiki-data directory needs to exist, be writable by your server, and needs to be initialized as a git repository. E.g.:

cd ~/sputnik/wiki-data-git/
git init
chmod -R a+rw .git

If using CGI, depending on your server setup, you may also need to add this to your launcher script:


What Does This Do?

Sputnik will store it's history using git. This means that you can then view your history using git:

$ git log
commit 3b03785a641c61fea6084b90574eb35c72f2c687
Author: anonymous <anonymous@sputnik>
Date:   Fri Jul 25 15:58:37 2008 -0700



(You can also use "git log (some_node).lua" to view history of an individual page.)

We can similarly view diffs of individual changes:

git show 3b03785
commit 3b03785a641c61fea6084b90574eb35c72f2c687
Author: anonymous <anonymous@sputnik>
Date:   Fri Jul 25 16:02:06 2008 -0700

    (no comment)


diff --git a/index.lua b/index.lua
index 41d3773..38fe811 100644
--- a/index.lua
+++ b/index.lua
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ category       = ""
 content        = [=[Congratulations, you just installed

-What's next? 
+What's now? 

Additionally, you can now change any of the nodes "by hand" in your favorite editor, then commit the change with git and it will show up in Sputnik's history.